Urban Skinny NYC

Calorie Counted Meals at New York City’s Hottest Restaurants
Danielle Schupp
Stephanie Krikorian

GPP Skirt! 2009

I co-wrote a restaurant-by-restaurant guide to eating out in New York City and of course, still zipping up your skinny jeans. It is called Urban Skinny NYC. If you want to know what 500-600 calorie looks like, this is worth a read.

How do people in cities like New York have power jobs, social lives, endless pressure—and look fabulous? How do they knock back martinis, seal million-dollar deals over gourmet dinners, and still zip up that little black dress? Well, Danielle Schupp has the answer, and now all New Yorkers can do it with this companion book to Urban Skinny.

Urban Skinny NYC takes a culinary trip through Manhattan, providing smart restaurant choices for power lunches, big dates, girls’ nights out, and brunch. It gives a taste of something in every neighborhood, spanning many different types of cuisine, with menus that help keep calories in check—and easy picks of 500- to 600-calorie meals for each restaurant (with lower calorie options for breakfast and lunch). Also included are quick tips for ordering, the low-down on favorite cocktails, and exactly how many calories are in a slice of New York pizza, a bagel with cream cheese, or a dirty water dog.