New York Times Bestselling Celebrity Ghostwriter
Getting Your Story Out of Your Head and Onto the Page
After more than fifteen years traveling the globe chasing newsmakers as a TV producer, I started
my own company. Now I help celebrities, regular people and companies write their stories. I tell
clients that it's not my writing skills that make me valuable, rather it's my ability to probe and
ask them uncomfortable questions. I have a knack for breaking down complicated information,
organizing it quickly and then packaging it in a compelling and digestible way. If you need a
collaborator, writer, editor or writing coach, I can help.
The Promise: #7 NYTimes Best Sellers List, Relationship Category
I Wrote This Compelling Story For Rachelle Friedman
The night of her bachelorette party, Rachelle Friedman was playfully pushed into
the pool after a night of celebrating. She never walked again. The Promise is a
love story, but also a story of friendship. Neither Rachelle, nor the any of the
girls by the pool that night ever revealed the name of the one among them
who pushed Rachelle into the water. While Rachelle was battling for her life,
she also worked diligently to save her devastated friend.


Deadline Driven Journalist
I Love Chasing A Good Story
Whether it’s chronicling my second and successful (!) attempt at completing the New York
Marathon (my first was thwarted by Super Storm Sandy), or writing about wine, television
or health, I love asking questions, finding unique angles, and writing compelling stories. I’ve
interviewed and written about celebs, pro athletes, politicians, CEOs and lots of regular
people. I spent 15 years travelling the globe chasing newsmakers for CNBC and
BusinessWeek TV. My work has also appeared in the Wall Street Journal, O, the Oprah
Magazine, Hamptons, and The Daily Sip and Living Healthy online.
Crossing the Finish Line at the Marathon
I Created A Show. It Got Nominated For An Emmy Award!
Back to My Roots in TV
In 2013, while pondering a book idea for a client, I instead turned the notion into
a treatment, and created, developed, and sold a reality TV show to an NBC cable
entity called CoziTV. It went direct to production. It was exciting to Executive
Produce my very own show, be mentioned in the Hollywood Reporter, and even
more thrilling that it got nominated for a local Emmy in New York.
Bestselling Ghostwriter and Writing Coach
I always tell my celeb clients that it’s not my writing skills that are going to make their books great--it’s my interview skills. Because of my background in news, I ask them the tough questions, drawing stories, moments and threads out of people I’m writing for that they may not have considered using in their books. That, along with my packaging experience helps me build a book’s theme and direction. Everybody has a book in them. I’ll get yours out of your head and onto the page, either by writing it from start to finish, collaborating, working as your writing coach, or being called in for a last minute emergency fix.
Journalist and Media
Reporting a story, however big or small, is still one of my favorite things to do. I love getting to ask people questions about anything. As a TV News Producer, I interviewed hundreds of newsmakers--politicians, athletes, actors, leaders of industry, and musicians. I do a little TV News still, but mostly I contribute to publications like O, The Oprah Magazine, and others. I also do corporate writing penning white sheets, blogs, web/brochure copy and even wine bottle labels. Companies and individuals often call on me to do media training because of my background in news. I’ve spent time on the other side of the notebook and camera so I’m able to offer strategy and messaging insight.
My New
Reality Show
I launched my production company, Snow Day Works, in 2010. My first show out of the gate just got nominated for an Emmy Award in New York City. It's called Pushing It. I created it, sold it to an NBC cable entity called CoziTV and EP'd the show, which went from pitch direct to production. It chronicles the training experiences of three very driven New York City women, all at varying stages of pregnancy or motherhood. Pushing It
Strengths and Career
My Strengths
  • Meeting tight deadlines (frequently without tears)
  • Crafting strong storylines and writing compelling books
  • Keeping the trains moving and project managing a book
  • Helping authors remain calm and enjoy the writing process
  • Jumping rope and parallel parking
Career Highlights
  • Writing a New York Times Best Seller
  • Creating and selling a reality show then getting an Emmy nod
  • Having an author tell me she cried reading her own book that I wrote
  • Landing my first job in TV for $9/hour (not a typo)
  • I was contacted by a blue chip company to ghostwrite an online series, but was told the c-level exec whose name would appear on the posts had already fired six writers. Shaking in my boots as I wrote, my work made it onto the company's website.

Celebrity Ghostwriter.Publishing and Media Consultant.Journalist.Producer.

I help clients package their ideas and stories across platform. I get them down on paper in a book, on a corporate blog, in a reality show, or as core messaging before they step in front of a camera. I act as a social media editor for some as well. I like telling my own stories too. I'm working on a mystery (series I hope), and I contribute to many publications including's culture and city blogs, O Magazine, The Daily Sip, and a few others. I do some copy writing for corporations as well, mostly about wine. Thanks for visiting my site and checking out my work. Looking forward to helping you get your story out there.

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