The Loving Diet

The Loving Diet

Going Beyond Paleo into the Heart of What Ails You
by Jessica Flanigan
Ghostwriter: Stephanie Krikorian
Amazon Bestseller

What a dream project! Jessica Flanigan is a gem. I thoroughly enjoyed every second working on this book Every discussion we had collaborating on The Loving Diet: Going Beyond Paleo into the Heart of What Ails You taught me something not only about health, but life. In it’s third printing, this is a must read not only for people with health issues they just can’t get in front of, but for a new way of thinking about life and all that it throws your way.

How can we make our life work for us instead of against us? Can the entire nature of disease actually be a gift? Can joy and abundance be yours in unlimited amounts— despite the presence of illness? What is the role of forgiveness and held beliefs in relation to disease?The Loving Diet™ introduces a fresh approach to your current health care plan: Love.

The Loving Diet™ goes beyond typical Paleo food plans because it incorporates not only the low-inflammatory Autoimmune Paleo diet but also the spiritual, heart-centered side of healing.The Loving Diet™ incorporates a new mindfulness approach to heal what ails you through diet, love, and trust.

The Loving Diet™ provides a full road map of healing. In addition to teaching you exactly how to incorporate love into how you approach your illness, it provides meal plans and recipes that favor low inflammation and nutrient dense foods. It also includes loving affirmations, helpful sidebars and prescriptive exercises, as well as stories of people who have followed The Loving Diet™ and experienced its extraordinary benefits.


“I was the ultimate book-writing novice. I was overwhelmed and I had no idea where to start. I found Stephanie and after my first conversation I knew I had found the perfect partner for the project. Stephanie knew with laser precision exactly how to unfold each chapter and how to produce a book at each stage. She missed nothing. She thought of everything. She also has a very broad working knowledge of the book publishing industry as well as marketing, so I ended up getting much more than a beautiful book. I also got the education that I needed to go along with being an author. Stephanie advocated for me, kept me on schedule, and continually gave me helpful suggestions of things to add to the book, all of which ended up being my favorite parts. Stephanie is as good as it gets. I can’t wait to publish book number two with her!”—Jessica Flanigan


“This book is a must-read for anyone struggling to heal.…”
— Diane Sanfilippo, New York Times bestselling author of Practical Paleo