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O Magazine’s WOW! List

O Magazine’s WOW! Issue
August 2013
by Stephanie Krikorian

My contribution to O Magazine’s WOW! Issue in August 2013, featuring 50 things you can’t live without. I can’t live without the Sweaty Bands. I was an early adopter back when they were sold in little shops. Now, Sweaty Bands are big business and they pack a big punch. You could stand in 100-mile-an-hour winds and these suckers wouldn’t come off. Love them. Here’s a the story: 27.  At last, a headband that really stays in place, whether you’re in downward dog or jogging on a windy day. Invented by Donna Browning, a 44-year-old fitness instructor in Cincinnati, Sweaty Bands’ velvet lining gives them serious grip. ($15 to $19; sweatybands.com)