Dr. Ramani Book Cover You Are Why You Eat

You Are Why You Eat

Change Your Food Attitude, Change Your Life
Dr. Ramani Durvasula
Collaborator: Stephanie Krikorian
Amazon Bestseller

I collaborated on You are Why You Eat: Change Your Food Attitude, Change Your Life. It’s one of those projects that stuck with me. She has an incredibly deep bench of wisdom. Years after completing this book, I still often ask myself: What would Dr. Ramani say…about…any tricky situation? She has impeccable advice for anything and everything and its always on mark. Dr. Ramani is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met and someone who has become a great friend.

In You Are WHY You Eat, food becomes a digestible metaphor. If you are gorging and numbing yourself with food, are you doing the same thing in life? Instead of trying to please others all the time, what would happen if you listened to your inner voice? What if you could find a way to stop eating, stop working at a bad job, stop a bad relationship before you walk down the aisle—stop anything when you are full? Understanding WHY you eat can lead to real and lasting change–both in your weight loss and all other areas of your life.
You Are WHY You Eat teaches readers to take back control in their lives. Dr. Ramani takes an iconoclastic, brave, edgy, and witty approach to self-help. She teaches you to unearth that inner voice, and let it be heard. She turns all of your childhood teachings upside down and forces you to take responsibility for your choices in life. Through real-life anecdotes and exercises, she gives you the tools you need to live on your terms, not those of the stakeholders that surround you. It will help you trust yourself and act from the gut, while making that gut smaller at the same time. And in so doing, it will help people live lives that are braver, more authentic, and less riddled with regret. You can change your food attitude and change your life!


“Stephanie worked with me on developing a successful book proposal, and provided editorial collaboration in my ongoing work on that book. It was here that I was able to observe her masterful work at quickly understanding a new discipline and helping me jump down from an academic language to one that is accessible by a wider audience. She is exceptionally talented at taking esoteric technical jargon and making it understandable and engaging.”—Dr. Ramani Durvasula