The Comeback: How today's moms reenter the workplace successfully

The Comeback

How Today’s Moms Reenter the Workplace
Cheryl Casone with Stephanie Krikorian
Portfolio 2016
Amazon Bestseller

Published by Portfolio, Penguin Random House in May 2016, I collaborated on the Comeback: How Today’s Moms Reenter the Workplace Successfully. I had a with credit on the interior cover. We did heavy reporting for this book, interviewing hundreds of mothers about the challenges they faced leaving and attempting to return to the workforce after taking a break to raise children.

Countless women struggle to get back to work after stepping out to raise kids. They’re told to “lean in” and lobby for more sympathetic workplaces, but none of that solves the immediate practical problem: “I need a job. Now.”

Fortunately, career expert and Fox Business anchor Cheryl Casone has written a comprehensive guide to making the comeback.  After interviewing hundreds of women who are willing to share both their successes and their mistakes, Casone offers a one-stop shop for moms at every stage of the process.
The many real-life stories in this book prove that with a smart strategy and some determination, almost any mom can make a successful comeback. In the process she can improve her standard of living, her self-esteem, and probably also the well-being of her kids.



Stephanie Krikorian might be the smartest, coolest chick I’ve ever met in my career as a journalist. Stephanie was always practical, and both strong and brave for working with me on my book. It was a long and crazy journey to get my book off the ground, sold and then written, but she stuck by my side with honesty, smarts, and a can do attitude that keep me going, especially when I thought my dream of writing a book at all was impossible.—Cheryl Casone