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Every project I work on is different. As a non-fiction ghostwriter, I collaborate with authors sometimes from idea and proposal to published book, sometimes on just a book after it’s been sold, and occasionally just as a last minute editor or book doctor. Most authors I’ve written and collaborated with are in the public eye in some capacity. I’ve worked with TV Anchors, Actors, Doctors, Reality Show Stars, a U.S. Governor, a Supermodel, and some newsworthy regular folks with great stories. I’ve written memoirs, health books, and how-to books as well. That means:

  • Develop book concepts with authors
  • Write book proposals ready to shop to publishers
  • Do last-minute book-doctoring for authors struggling to complete their work
  • Book and proposal editing
  • Ghostwrite a non-fiction or memoir from start to finish
  • Act as a publishing consultant, giving guidance on ways to maximize sales, coordinate marketing partnerships and use social media to bolster followers

Topics Include:

  • Health and fitness
  • Yoga
  • Style
  • Politics
  • Personal Finance
  • Memoir
  • Entertaining
  • The Economy

I have worked on more than one dozen published books for various authors.