"I'll help you tell your story."
  • Celebrity Ghostwriter, Journalist, Producer

    Stephanie has collaborated on more than fifteen books for various authors on a wide range of topics. She’s written for news anchors, reality-show stars, doctors, fitness and health experts, designers and chefs, corporate executives and has edited two books for one former U.S. Governor. Stephanie contributes to WSJ.com’s popular Speakeasy and Metropolis blogs, O Magazine, and writes about wine for the widely read Bottlenotes.com Daily Sip Newsletter. In 2012, she created, sold and executive produced a reality series for NBC's CoziTV. It was nominated for an Emmy in New York in 2014. In addition, Stephanie writes copy and provides media training and strategy for various independent and corporate clients.
  • TV News

    Prior to stepping out on her own, Stephanie worked for many years in TV news as a field producer and foreign bureau chief. She travelled the globe chasing newsmakers for CNBC, BusinessWeek TV, and Reuters TV. She covered Wall Street, two Olympics, the unrest in Israel, the Grammy Awards Red Carpet, and elections in the United States, Canada and Brazil. And that’s the very short list. She interviewed a slew of CEO’s, world leaders like Fidel Castro, and an endless number of professional athletes, TV stars, movie stars, authors, economists and dignitaries, plus a lot of fascinating, regular people as well. She also developed and launched the Wall Street Journal’s live online programming for its digital network. Her work has taken her to six continents.
  • Born and Raised

    Born and raised in Canada, where her family still lives, Stephanie stopped saying eh, washroom and spelling color with a 'u' a long time ago. You don't, however, have to strain yourself to hear her Canadian when she says any of the following: out, about, couch. She still can't say those words in American despite her newly acquired citizenship. And soda will forever be pop to this Canuck.
  • Just For Fun

    Stephanie is an avid yogi, though you wouldn’t know it from her extreme lack of patience. Her quest to complete the New York Marathon was thwarted in 2012 following Sandy's wrath, but she finally crossed the finish line--her second attempt at her first marathon--in 2013. She completed three half-marathons and ran up the Empire State Building before tackling those 26.2 miles through all five boroughs in 2013. She's a TV junkie, a true foodie, she collects (and drinks) wine, and is a travel buff.  The pyramids are her favorite site visited, and Paris her favorite city, though Tokyo is a close second. She believes Aged Gouda is a major food group of its own. Interesting Stephanie factoid: her grandfather's brother was a Titanic survivor.
  • Education

    Stephanie has a BA from the University of Western Ontario in English and Drama and a Masters degree in TV and Film from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. She's taken writing courses at both NYU and Columbia and in the Fall of 2012 was accepted as a writer-in-residence at The Banff Centre's Leighton Artists' Colony where she worked on her forthcoming novel, a mystery. Stephanie currently splits her time between Manhattan, LA and East Hampton